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Three Online Advertising Tools That Do Not Work

It should be common knowledge for most advertisers on the net that they should not use any of the three advertising tricks of bad pop-ups, spamming or tons of sneaky ads that disable a computer screen. However, many advertisers do not take this advice. People that you are targeting with advertisement to can get very annoyed, and even down right mad if you try these antics. Also, consider the financial cost if you are thinking about employing these tactics. In the end, it is not worth the headache and risk. Read on about why these forms of advertising will not work.

A tight, well thought out marketing approach it the best way to promote your business. Do not think for one second that you will gain customers by using spam. Sending out bulk emails harvested from a spam list and then trying to forge where the email is sent from is tacky and deceitful. There are many federal laws against spamming and people can take it very seriously. They take it so seriously in fact that some advertisers went to court and the court forced them to pay a hefty fine for spamming email accounts. Shutting down someones email is not the way to gain business. Talk does fly at Internet speed, and your reputation will go down the tubes as word spreads about your annoying advertising.

The use of spamming software is very sophisticated today. If you want to take a chance with it, it would not be a very good idea though. The likelihood that you will even get a few good customers out of it is almost nonexistent. People enjoy your asking them to join your network or buy your product in a legitimate way. Financially opening up to involving a third party is certainly asking for trouble. By using some elses email and causing a lot of heartache for them will open a complex issue for you.

The next form of advertising that will turn off a customer in a heartbeat is pop-ups. Today, there is not only the traditional pop-up but pop-under too. A barrage of pop-ups or quick pop-ups from under the screen will leave your customer insulted and angry. It does not matter how great your product is do not do it. In addition, a new marketing software technique slides pop-ups across the customers screen. This might sound non-intrusive, but think about this what if they are in the middle of reading some information about your site? That is not helpful to your cause. It can be especially bad if they were about to click to the order page. Loss profits are never good for your wallet. If you are going to use them pop-ups for goodness sake, learn the software, and more importantly learn a bit about the human psychology of advertising. Look around for information on how and why people buy on the Internet, and apply that to your advertising and marketing campaign use.

Not only are spam emails, pop-ups and pop-under ads bad advertising techniques to use, but the tactic of high speed spawning is hideous and more than irritating to your potential customer. If you have ever thought about using it on a customer and have experienced it yourself, then go back and experience it again. You may have forgotten what it was like, although that is hard to see how you could forget it. A vicious attack on your customers browser button will not let the customer leave your site. Worse yet, they are forced to do an emergency shut down of their computer. Let us hope they have saved all information they were working on because ad after ad upon hundreds will over take their screen. Please do not use this software to try to increase your profits.

I hope that you will avoid using any of these three tactics in your marketing campaign. Using them will not bring the money in at a faster rate in fact, just the opposite may occur. Take the time to use good marketing strategies. Learn what people appreciate in the way of business practices. Also, use manners and courteous along with a little shrewdness in your marketing strategy. There are many ways to do it. By exercising patience and learning your way around the Internet, you can bring in many very happy customers and a lot of money for you.

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