Do You Have What It Takes?

If youve been trying to make a business online but had a few set backs youve probably asked yourself this question and the others Ive listed below.

I also added the answers I use to keep going when I feel like just Throwing in the towel.

Dont worry be happy! Its easy to say but hard to do, without some kind of logical reasoning behind the positive affirmations.

Herere the questions and the logical answers that I use to keep myself motivated and ensure that I achieve my potential.

1.Do you have what it takes to make money on the internet?
2.How do you know if you should to quit or not?
3.What does it take?
4.Why are some people successful and yet others arent?
5.Does what I do now effect my future?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?
I do and I have the same answers every time!

Below are my self talk answers they help me stay on track.

The answers are listed in the same order as the questions.

1.Yes, I have a computer and usually have access to the internet.
2.Because I started I have to finish.
3.It takes perseverance, tenacity, faith, self belief; I have all of those qualities.
4.Some are successful because they are lucky, some because they are smart, some because they work hard, some because they never give up. I have a little of all those qualities.
5.Yes, if I sow a seed today Ill reap a harvest tomorrow.

Please feel free to copy this and look at it every time you have any doubts. Also you can add some of your own positive self talk favorites.

I sincerely wish you good luck and happiness

Bill Boyd