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Welcome to ,  You have just discovered one of the most informative websites dedicated to the wonderful world of internet marketing.  Our website is jammed packed with valuable information that can assist you in your online marketing efforts.  We are dedicated to bringing you the tools and resources you need for online success!

If you have found this page, no doubt there is something about online marketing that has captured your attention!  For many of us, the thrill and rush of being our own boss and determining our own outcome fuels the passion to succeed!

From affiliate marketing tools, seo tips, free web graphics, free ebooks, and much more, you will find  the tools you need for successful online marketing here, at Avery Thompson Marketing!


Video Marketing

Video Marketing


Our skilled storytellers will let you express yourself on a whole new level: A stunning visual experience. Producing creative solutions no less than brilliant works of art, our team of writers, artists, videographers and editors collaborate to provide you with entertaining, effective and visually exquisite results.

To create the perfect visual masterpiece, you need to make sure you have well-structured and high quality content, just the right amount of lighting, the latest equipment and technology, and of course, skill and expertise. We have it all.


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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Engage Your Customers & Build Relationships

There is not a single business in today’s digital world that denies the dire need and importance of Social Media Marketing. Social Media is an incredible tool to not only engage and interact with online consumers, but also gain vast amounts of knowledge about their interests and behavior. These insights are valuable tools that can increase your sales!

We provide you with high-end SMM services across the world’s most widely used social networks:


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Web Development

Web Development

Along with making sure that your website is beautifully designed and visually perfect, you also need to ensure that it functions like a total pro.We pay attention to the tiny details, and never, ever compromise on optimal performance. With our help, you own and operate a website that is specifically tailored to YOUR needs, and functions exactly the way your brand needs it to.

From simple web applications to complex e-commerce and networking websites, we have everything under control. Our web development experts create powerful websites for you.


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Web Design

Web Design


Face it. You don’t just need a website for your business. You need a gorgeous, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, captivating and engaging platform that your customers just wouldn’t be able to resist falling in love with. Something they won’t be able to take their eyes off of.

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Social marketing is a phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire, and it’s not surprising. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have millions of active users, and it’s very difficult to ignore such an immense source of traffic.

Too many people go about it all wrong, and they end up ruining their reputations, or they get banned and lose all of the progress they have made. There’s no sense spending months building a following and a reputation if you’re just going to get banned and lose it all.

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Social Media Authority

Branding has evolved from nonsensical trademark names to descriptive words that tell people who you are and what your passion is in life. Take, for instance, Xerox: this name had no real meaning until the machines came out and people used them as a common meaning for photocopying papers. While the brand is now known worldwide, the brand has been completely diluted into a generic meaning that is hard to defend as being unique and expressive of a company brand.

Marketing Overdrive

‘Marketing Overdrive’ is your tool to reach your goals. Listen to ‘Marketing Overdrive Audio Hypnosis Program’ once every other day for just 28 days to:

– Get Focused on Your Tasks
– Rediscover your passion for Internet Marketing
– Quit jumping from WSO to WSO, get Something DONE!

This is a pure MP3 file audio – you have unrestricted rights to this hypnotherapy recording.


If you are fed up of mediocre income and all the short-term money-making fads you’ve been trying, it’s time you put these behind, strap yourself and get ready to become the next marketing ace!

The money is in the list!

You need a pool of hot, hungry buyers waiting to give you money every time you ask for it – not an ocean of tire-kickers.

You must build a relationship with your people and provide relevant messages to them in order to be successful.

Discover how to setup the Ace List Building system just one time to grow your list, build your brand, and generate repeat sales on autopilot. After that, just add traffic!



From the age of 10, I had always wanted to own and run my own business.  I think watching my dad with his “side hustle” that generated extra money for him beside his regular paycheck was a motivator as well.  I can remember the summers in the neighborhood where I was raised, and how I found ways of making extra money for my younger brother and myself.  We would take cool-aid, freeze it, and sell cups to our friends for 50 cent and bake Ms Good cookies and turn them around for profit.  Yep!  Entrepreneurship has always been a part of me!

Early in 2007, I received an email from a friend of mine in Tampa, FL, who was so thrilled to tell me about a money making opportunity that I had to try.  I had always, since the time I was a child, wanted to own a business.  I can recall selling Ms Good Cookies and Frozen Cool Aid in the summer time to my friends in the neighborhood.  This was the start of the spark I always had to be a business owner.  My friend told me that I could make money simply putting links on my web site and get money for them.  Of course, never hearing of anything like this, I was a total skeptic.  ”So your telling me that simply putting a link on a website would make me money?”  This was the start of my intense research and studies into online marketing, and was I blown away with the information that I was learning about!

I would spend the next 4 to 6 months just researching opportunities and various companies that were claiming to provide money to anyone interested in becoming “independent representatives.  I built my first website, which was a basic site since I really didn’t know what I was doing.  I put a few links on it and KABAAAM!!  NOTHING!!!  Like many beginners, I was thinking a few links on the site today, and cash tomorrow, but didn’t realize the process of internet marketing.  After a few more months, and learning the ends and outs, I started to see success with my endeavors.  Within 4 months after my first failed attempt, I received a check from Share A Sale, one of many affiliate marketing companies online, for $200.00.  The next two weeks, another check for $325.00, then another two weeks, $225.00, and the checks just kept rolling in, all from just a link on my site.  From that point on , I was convinced that internet marketing worked!!  I have been using various strategies and programs to generate additional income online, and would love to help you in any way I can.  Feel free to contact me anytime!



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