Pitfalls To Avoid As A Newbie What Do You Want

Pitfalls To Avoid As A Newbie What Do You Want For A Buck?

A strange headline? Not really, think about why you started on a specific affiliate program or Internet marketing site. Unless you are one of the old-timers who have seen it all before, most likely you were attracted by the hype and the promise of an easy road to Internet fortunes. A lot offer free signup or minimal input OK great, but then what? Consider how much more effort and time you would be prepared to put into your start-up if you had a fairly large financial commitment? This is not really unfair even if you started as I did with absolutely no reserve, no list and not much of a clue – somehow, after doing research and really checking the program out, you will come up with the cash to join or set up if it meets YOUR needs and expectations.

That is precisely where we are drawn in and the process of feeling over whelmed kicks in. Think about the banner ad or the email message that came through pretty flash and lots of promise, but unfortunately no hint of what would be required to make the fortune promised. I am not knocking the recruitment too much after all that is marketing. Have a look on the television or billboards lots of hype but no detail.

OK, so youve paid the subscription or whatever then what sit back and watch the bank balance go into hyper-drive? Fraid not, this is where so many potential home business owners end up getting off the bus slowly it dawns that there is actually a whole lot more to this internet marketing / affiliate marketing thing than meets the eye. The company starts with things like promote to your list whats a list? You get the idea!

Wouldnt it be great if part of the enrolment process included a section of information about what you would need to do to actually start earning the money that is promised? Something like a page with the headline: REALITY CHECK COMING UP and then a page of what the basics are this before you enrol and put a dent in your credit card. The type of information would best be basic bullet points like:

You need a PLAN
You need Start-up Money
You need to know how to or where to find information about building a list or network
You need to understand that this business requires hard work
You must understand that it will take TIME, not days or weeks, rather months.
Offer immediate, REAL support in getting started not just a promise, but a plan.

These are only some of the basics that should perhaps be made available. You may think this is a bit odd, but look at it slightly long-term (especially if you are in the business already) wouldnt it be far better and easier for you if the people that joined with you already had some understanding as to what is required, rather than you spend weeks helping them and then they decide to resign because they do not appreciate how much effort etc was required?

There is a huge amount of information out there that unfortunately only really becomes available when you start to trawl or have a specific need / question that requires an answer back to the feeling overwhelmed thing, if you could start off with an idea of what you were getting into, you might not higgledy-piggeldy subscribe to each and every newsletter etc around wouldnt you?

This goes to the offer of real support, it should be the absolute role of the up-line / recruiter etc to guide the new person they should not rely on the ease of auto responders alone and the total focus of mass recruitment without consideration of how those entering are getting along. I have found it to be much more rewarding to work with those above and those below on a direct basis than when you are left to your own devices.

So, what do you want for a buck?

If I can leave you with one thought for today:

There is NEVER a free meal any road to success requires hard work and dedication with a clear picture of what you goal is.