Legitimate Home Based Businesses

As a Work at Home web site owners we see many searches daily for legitimate Home Based Businesses, Home Business, on line Business, Internet Business and more.

Today we find millions of people turning to the Internet for income. It is so fantastic to be able to work from home. Many people simply have an office at home, which is an extension of their JOB, while others are looking to replace there yearly income and have a piece of the pie for themselves.

Almost anyone with the right discipline, basic computer skills and work ethic can create a nice income from home. Once a person has made the decision to do so, then the big question becomes how? You can waste a lot of time and money trying to figure it out yourself or with a little research you can follow in someone elses footsteps that has been and is successful.

I had been a business owner and Vice President of a large company for years. To be honest I simply got tired of working. Tired of the day-to-day rat race of life. I saw my Dad save every dime and finally retire only to die one month after doing so, thus never getting a chance to enjoy life. On top of that I had a lifetime of happiness with a son I lost to leukemia when he was fourteen. I just decide enough was enough. I wanted more time with my family and further more I did not want to let the same thing that happened to my father years earlier happen to me.

After finally making the decision to take control of my financial future, I started looking for an on line business that would give me the following:

Income level that would take care of my monthly expenses and more
Residual Income if possible
Web based Business It seemed as though it was the easiest way to reach the masses
An on line business that could still generate cash, while I was traveling
On line business that would require a minimum of effort once setup so I could have my time back
A business which would not require anyone other than myself or perhaps my wife to operate a few hours a week

After many hours of research I found a man, his name is Erich Winnecke, who seemed to be very successful and was willing to be helpful with others. I read all of the testimonials, but I did not really expect to find any bad ones. I wanted to believe them all. If Im honest I didnt really know, but I had a good feeling about him. I was simply at the point where I had to give myself a shot. I knew from past experience to either use PayPal and / or my credit card to protect myself.

Well the results are in and I have to say I have gotten so much for joining his program. Here a just a few of the many areas that Erich and his team have given me support in.

Step-by-Step guidance on how to create exactly the type of business I was looking for.
With in minutes I had my own web page capable of generating multiple income streams.
Step-by-Step guidance and excellent support on how to modify my own web page thereby adding new companies on a regular basis.
Step-by-Step guidance on how, when and where to market my web site
Special savings on getting my web site published on the Internet
Lifetime support for my web site
Access to a large group of successful people who are doing the same thing (Its like having my own board of directors to help me)
Step-by-Step guidance on how to get people like yourself to visit my website

I cannot list all of the areas I have gotten support and direct guidance from Erich and his team. I have never gotten more support from anything anywhere.

I can tell you that I am writing this article sitting in my bus overlooking the Gulf of Mexico at South Padre Island, Texas. As I sit writing this article I can look out the window and see the waves rolling in. Mexico is about a mile away. It is so beautiful and relaxing here. Wow ! My wife and I will stay here for a few months, then if we do like last year, we may go out west as far as California. We will visit my oldest son whom I’m quite proud to say is fulfilling his dreams to be in the movies. We usually end up back on the east coast visiting the rest of our family and children. It is so beautiful here and unlike my poor dad I’m getting to see how beautiful the United States of America really is. I only wish he could have done so as well.

The best part is if you want to do the same thing as I have, or if you simply want to make some extra income, then the opportunities are there for you. You dont have to reinvent the wheel.

I knew absolutely nothing about creating and on line web business or web site for that matter. I could not believe how inexpensive Erich’s program was. The roadway to success has been paved for us.

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