Deep Thoughts On Internet Promotion

I have this friend Sloan. Hes a real lunatic. Ive never met anyone who could pole dance without a pole. But when hes not shaming himself and his entire family tree he is truly the smartest person I know. Perhaps to you that seems as if I might not be saying much. But, dont take a cue from my spaciness as indicative of the company I keep. Ive got a couple razor sharps in my crew for sure.

But, about Sloan, I remember one time we were talking about the U.S. in Iraq. Its a complex subject, to be certain, but Sloan thinks that if youre going to consider it you need to put it into context, including historical. I couldnt agree more. Before I knew it, his historical context began with fractured substrata of the Persian Empire and I had three thousand years of history to listen to before we could resume our talk on the U.S. in Iraq. Thats pretty impressive. Annoying, but impressive. Many times its difficult for me to disagree with Sloan. But that time happened, indeed, and Ill never look at him the same again.

I was walking across the Washington Ave. bridge and Sloan told me that he didnt like talking in superlatives (this guy sounds like a real ball of laughs, doesnt he). Dont get me wrong, I like arguments; and I think that its important in a discussion for people to take and support varying perspectives and its the differences of opinion and belief that permeate our world that keeps us moving and livingbut dismissing superlatives, I simply cannot accept.

I love to love things at an equally exalted level as I do to hate things. Its the bestever. If someone cant see the ultimate value in that, I think that person is the lowest of all which disgusts and rots in this world and they most certainly couldnt be my best friend, for certain.

This is why I think Sloan is kind of an idiot. I bet he couldnt even appreciate the best internet advertising techniques if they were thrown in his face. Its not Persian history, but internet advertising can have better or worse techniques. If thats possible, it seems to me that with proper research on your targeted demographic and some strong attention given to ones methodology, its quite possible to derive the best internet advertising for your particular site and also for your particular commodity. So, dont be sloppy, thinking that any advertising is as good as anything else. There is a method that will work the best for you. Its achievable and its also important to you, so take your time and dont settle until youve got the best.