Affiliate Marketing Site Helps Connect Affiliates With Affiliate Managers

One of the most important things you can do as an Affiliate is communicate with your Affiliate Management team. Get to know the individual that youll be working with. In my opinion, its just as important as the relationship between a boss and employee!

Now granted you are self employeed and your Affiliate Manager isnt your boss, but who signs your Affiliate commission check? Who can provide you the creative ads or make suggestions about their target market and customer demographics?

Now Im not saying you need to email your Affiliate Manager every day, but its a good idea when you first sign up for an Affiliate program to shoot a quick email to the Manager. Just say Hi and briefly let them know that your lokking forward to working with them.

Then follow up once every 1 or 2 weeks. Let them know how youre doing, if you have any questions or if youre not doing so well, be sure to ask them how you can improve! These guys and gals are there to work for you! If you dont make money – they feel it!
In the long run it WILL lead to higher commissions than the other affiliates and overall better performance for your Affiliate Marketing efforts!

Heres a cool little site thats growing rapidly – its very basic, but its a great concept!

The idea is to give Affiliate Managers and their Affiliates a place where they can interact with one another. It uses AOL Instant Messengers Buddy Groups and tells you if your Affiliate Manager is online or off.

Youll need AOL Instant Messenger to use it. If you dont have it already, you can find the link at the bottom of

This is a really great idea. It’s long overdue in the Affiliate Marketing industry.